Cylinder pre-heating oven equipped with a new simple and functional electronic card enabling you to store 10 cycles of 4 stages. Temperatures, rising speeds and standby and cooling times are customizable. The final temperature can be set up at 1100 °C. Its muffle heating system has heaters placed at the four sides. It is fitted for the connection to an extractor equipped with intake fan of automatic or delayed start. Its safety micro-switch on the door complies with the European Standards.

Technical Data


Supply: 230V – 50Hz
Max temperature: 1100 °C
Power: 1700 W
Cylinders : n°8-6x – n°6-9x
Chamber dimension: 12x16x9h cm
Dimensions: 33x53x62 h cm
Weight: 18 Kg


Supply: 230V – 50Hz
Max temperature: 1100 °C
Power: 2400 W
Cylinders : n°6-3x – n°3-6x
Chamber dimension: 16x16x11h cm
Dimensions: 41x56x65 h cm
Weight: 30 Kg


Supply: 230V – 50Hz
Max temperature: 1100 °C
Power: 2850 W
Cylinders : n°8-6x – n°6-9x
Chamber dimension: 16x26x11h cm
Dimensions: 41x66x65 h cm
Weight: 35 Kg

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